Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Something big and new — plus what it took to pull it off.

Great Things Always Take Longer Than You Hope.

I've witnessed this consistently across the spectrum of creation: writing, launching digital programs, crafting ads, creating websites and, of course, with almost any physical act of building or renovation.

Sure, some big projects go exactly as planned — and that's AWESOME! But more times than not, great things take a lot longer than you initially plan for. Especially if you're innovative and creating things from scratch that the world has never seen.

When delays happen, don't beat yourself up, think you're somehow deficient, a bad manager or that something is intrinsically wrong with you, or your team.

Yes, you want to identify and rectify project management issues as quickly as possible, but berating yourself (or your team) about it is just a waste of energy.

When things get delayed, don't jeopardize your health, your other priorities or your relationships over self-imposed deadlines that simply won't be met.

Keep your eye on the big picture of your business and life, make adjustments as you see fit and keep truckin' on. AND, that said, here's an actionable take-away that can help big projects stay on track as much as humanly possible.

Do This: Daily status check-ins are a MUST when you're working with multiple teams. Doesn't matter how talented, experienced and responsible everyone is, err on the side of more communication vs. less. Five minutes on the phone can circumvent misunderstandings that'll otherwise cost you weeks of lost productivity. Check it out here on my friend Mario Forlio's website...